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Impact Sand & Gravel, a prominent aggregate supplier in the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years, stands as a cornerstone provider of essential materials for diverse construction needs. Having furnished contractors with millions of tons of high-quality sand and gravel, the company plays a pivotal role in the development of roads, housing projects, commercial endeavors, and vital underground water and utility initiatives.

Not only does Impact Sand & Gravel cater to the construction industry, but it also extends its services to landscapers, architects, and homeowners by offering the valley’s exclusive locally sourced decorative rocks. Their commitment to delivering superior materials is evident through their unique selection, meeting the aesthetic demands of various landscaping projects.

Setting themselves apart further, the company introduces tailored solutions through their exclusive custom soil blends—a testament to their innovation and dedication to meeting the valley’s specific engineering needs.

As Impact Sand & Gravel continues its trajectory as a leading supplier, their unwavering dedication to quality, diverse product offerings, and innovation in custom soil blends positions them as a pivotal contributor to the growth and development of the Las Vegas Valley’s infrastructure and landscaping endeavors.

Phone: 702-597-1010