While control of the U.S. House remains to be determined at press time, one aspect stood out: “Voters made their intentions clear in the Congressional elections: they gave an enduring approval for last year’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment,” said Doug Carlson, NUCA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Carlson noted the controversy faced by several Republican lawmakers in 2021 for their summer vote to pass the core infrastructure bill. “All six of the Republicans who voted for the core infrastructure bill were re-elected, including Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska. It was the right vote for them to make. The 2022 election results delivered a change to Congress. We’ll know in the days ahead the true size and new direction of the 118th Congress. But NUCA’s bipartisan approach to infrastructure legislation will help us keep a seat at the table in the new Congress. Voting to strengthen and boost American infrastructure is always a winner on Election Day,” concluded Carlson.

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